Rice Open Access Policy

Rice University’s Open Access Policy directs faculty to place copies of all peer-reviewed journal articles in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive (RDSA).

Depositing your work is easy!

  1. Find the correct version of the article. In most cases, you can deposit the author’s accepted manuscript. This is the version after peer review but before the publisher formats it in the finalized layout. Not sure where your accepted manuscript is? See the library’s guide to help you track it down in journal submission systems: http://bit.ly/AuthorManuscripts
  2. Send a copy of the article(s) to Fondren Library at openaccess@rice.edu or use the library’s webform. By notifying the library that you want an article deposited, you are indicating that you have read and agreed to Fondren’s Non-Exclusive Deposit License.
  3. If a publisher requires that you obtain a waiver, one can be found here.

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